shedding light on lebanon electric bills (home edition)

august 14, 2018   crowd powered

Homes in Lebanon usually pay two electric bills monthly, for the utility (Électricité du Liban, EDL) and the neighborhood generator.

EDL is transparent in its tariff policy: subscribers pay for their monthly consumption in slabs of 100 kWh (e.g. you pay LBP 35 per kWh for a monthly consumption between 0 and 100 kWh).

Neighborhood generator tariffs really depend on the neighborhood. The Lebanon Ministry of Energy and Water publishes a monthly kWh rate. It is however up to the individual generator owners to decide how to bill their customers.

Residential subscribers to Électricité de Zahlé (EDZ) do not pay a separate bill for the generator. They are charged an additional fee by EDZ depending on their monthly consumption, to cover the expense of the city independent power generation.